Mashado Da Costa Hugo Migel

Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Sports of Portugal in bodybuilding, personal trainer of Rita Muray ( Europian Champion of fitness and bodybuilding). Refresher courses APF (Association fitness professionals), trainer in bodybuilding and fitness (personal training experience for more than 15 years). Vast experience in teaching and coaching activities with positive results to clients. Over the years I have developed a method that allows to quickly achieve the desired. It takes into account characteristics such as age, sex, health, lifestyle, individual anatomical features engaged, depending on the purpose of training and includes recommendations for a balanced diet.

Fadeeva Irina

Irina Fadeeva has graduated with a distinction from Russian State Academy of Physical Training in 2011, specialization - Physical Rehabilitation. Has over 9 years experience in a Fitness Industry.

Practicing in the following paths:
- Physical training for people with locomotorium diseases
- Physical training for people with a spinal curvature
- Aqua aerobics
- Swimming courses at basic level

Rasteryaev Andrey

Andrey graduated from Tver State University faculty of physical training, has a degree in athletics.
He is a winner of many half-marathon, marathon and trail races. Andrey has more than a nine year training experience.
He, like no one else, knows all details of training process. Andrey will help you make your trainings amuse and productive, you will get a lot from his experience.
• Physical training
• Endurance, strength and resistance training
• Weight loss
• Muscle development
• Sports nutrition

Nikitin Alexander

lexander Nikitin is a Personal Instructor on Fitness and Physical Training. The winner of city and inter-city competitions on cross country skiing.
Has over 5 years experience as a Personal Trainer.
Practicing in the following paths:
- Body correction
- Mass gainer
- Cross fit
- Recommendation of the balanced diet and healthy food selection